Open Access Fibre over Internode infrastructure

Since 2009 Cape Connect has been rolling out fibre. We have now partnered with South Africa's leading ISPs and converted our network to an open access model. Clients of other ISPs will now be able to experience the speed and stability Cape Connect clients have experienced for the past 10 years.

Internet Open Access networks are now available to more than 30 precincts. Around 3,000 households and businesses in the Helderberg Basin are now connected directly into our high-speed, high-bandwidth fibre network. More connections are being made every day. As we continue our deployments and add precincts, users are now getting a glimpse of what the new era of next-generation broadband will mean for the consumers who use them.

Just as the evolution from dial-up Internet to DSL and wireless brought in a variety of innovations and applications - such as You Tube and Skype - so, too, will the leap to symmetrical bandwidth of 100 megabits per second and more. FTTH is already having an impact on how people live, work and play. How will it change your life?


  • Rapid deployment to clients
  • Service tailored to varied needs
  • Competitive pricing from ISPs
  • Single ISP contact point for client support
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