Open Access Fibre network

Wider choice for both home and business fibre

Internode is an open access fibre network. We install physical fibre infrastructure to homes and businesses. Occupants of premises we have run fibre to can then choose from a number of Internet Service Providers for internet packages provided over the installed fibre, tailored to their budget and use requirements.

The open access nature of the network is in line with current trends and will assist to prevent the duplication of infrastructure. It will also drive down end user prices.

Select the service provider and the package best suited to your needs from one of our approved open access partners.

what is open access?


Greater choice, shared infrastructure

An open access fibre network enables multiple ISPs to offer services over a single fibre network, instead of many different companies digging up roads and driveways to lay duplicate fibre networks.

Homeowners’ associations, body corporates, residents’ associations and property developers recognise that open access fibre networks provide the best of high-quality, affordable connectivity for consumers while increasing the value of property in the estate or community.

Open Access Fibre networks allow consumers to choose who they buy Internet access or data from and this is firmly in line with stated Government policy. In October 2016, Government outlined the right of consumers to choose their service provider as a key requirement of the National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper. It requires fair and sustainable service-based competition “which will increase consumer choice (of service providers and of services), reduce costs and increase innovation".

Internode installs and manages the physical fibre, while partner ISPs provide an internet and related services over that fibre.

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